City Boards

The Ephraim City Economic Development Board meets as needed
Board Member Travis Good   Contact
Board Member David Parrish   Contact
Borad Member Gary Ramos   Contact
Borad Member Troy Shelley   Contact
Borad Member Jon Cox    
Council Rep Mayor Richard Squire    


Board meets on Tuesdays as needed
Chair Beverly Thomas   Contact
Secretary     Contact
Board Member Jack Anderson   Contact
Board Member Richard Carlsen    
Board Member Jack Keisel    
Board Member Larry Nielson   Contact
Board Member John Peterson   Contact
Board Member Richard Stevens   Contact
Council Rep Terry Lund   Contact
Cemetery Sexton Karl Lund    
The Ephraim City Housing Authority meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:15 PM
Chair Mel Jacobsen   Contact
Executive Director Lorna Olson   Contact
Board Member Chris Jaussi   Contact
Board Member Elaine Cook   Contact
Board Member Ashley Thompson   Contact
Board Member Don Saltzman   Contact
Board Member Bob Wright   Contact
Council Rep Margie Anderson   Contact
The Ephraim City Library Board meets on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM, in the Ephraim City Library.
Library Administrator Lori Voshall 435-313-8794
Chair Holly Smith 435-283-6635
Board Member Eileen Anderson 435-283-4212  
Board Member Barbara Nelson 435-283-4334
Board Member Vickie Olson 435-283-4714
Board Member Shelly Lutes 435-283-4841  
Board Member Ned Worthington 435-283-6818
Council Rep Terry Lund 435-851-6439
Ephraim Library
The Ephraim City Planning and Zoning Commission meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM.
Chair Lisa Murray   Contact
Commission Member Lyle Chamberlain   Contact
Commission Member Larry Griffeth   Contact
Commission Member LeMar Hanson   Contact
Commission Member Tom Nicholls   Contact
Commission Member Rob Nielson   Contact
Commission Member Craig Rasmussen   Contact
City Planner/Engineer Bryan Kimball 435-283-4631
Council Rep John Scott   Contact
The Ephraim City Recreation Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM
Recreation Director Phil Murray   Contact
Board Member Karl Cox   Contact
Board Member Beckie Hermansen   Contact
Board Member Griselda Frutos   Contact
Board Member Jen King    
Borad Member Blain Hardy   Contact
Council Rep Tyler Alder   Contact
The Ephraim City Utilities Board meets on the second Thursday, and fourth Thursday (as needed) of each month at 7:00 PM
Chair Ted Olson   Contact
Board Member Curt Braithwaite   Contact
Board Member Leonard Mccosh   Contact
Board Member Troy Larsen   Contact
Board Member David Warren   Contact
Council Rep Alma Lund   Contact
Power Dept. Rep Cory Daniels 435-283-4451
Public Works Rep Chad Parry 435-340-1255
The Manti/Ephraim Airport Board meets as needed
Ephraim City Manager/Airport Operator      
Chair Ted Meikle   Contact
Board Member Bill Funk   Contact
Board Member Tedd Hodapp   Contact
Board Member Scott Larson   Contact
Board Member Richard Macfarlane   Contact
Board Member Ken Sorenson    
Manti City Rep Jason Vernon   Contact
Snow College Reg     Contact
Ex-Officio Members     Contact
County Commissioner      
Economic Development Kevin Christensen    
  Dave Fullmer    
Engineers Creamer and Noble    
The Ephraim City Historical Committee meets as needed
Chair Lyle Chamberlain   Contact
Board Member Roger Baker   Contact
Board Member Amy Jorgensen   Contact
Council Rep Terry Lund   Contact
The Ephraim City Main Street Committee meets as needed
Chair Brad Taggart   Contact
Board Member Gary Anderson   Contact
Board Member Elaine Compton   Contact
Board Member Travis Good   Contact
Board Member Larry Nielson   Contact
Council Rep Margie Anderson   Contact
The Ephraim City Scandinavian Festival Committee meets as needed
Interim Directors Greg Boothe   Contact
  Fara Boothe    
Board Member Kim Averett   Contact
Board Member Cindy Averett   Contact
Board Member Thomas Peterson   Contact
Board Member Shirley Bahlmann   Contact
Board Member Michael Brenchley    
Board Member Marcia Christensen    
Board Member Kim Cragun    
Board Member Suzanne Dean    
Board Member Lawrence Durtschi    
Board Member Kathleen Pili    
Board Member Lori Smith    
Board Member Beverly Thomas    
Board Member Carolyn Tidwell    
Board Member Leigh Ann Warnock    
Board Member Anne Fonville    
Council Rep Tyler Alder   Contact
Ephraim City Youth Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 8:00 PM
Advisor Juli Arnoldson   Contact
Youth Mayor Brooke Shelley    
Youth Mayor Eric Lee    
Youth Member Bethany Olson    
Youth Member Birkley Ross    
Youth Member Bradly Sego    
Youth Member Brady Pogroszewski    
Youth Member Deirdre Carney    
Youth Member Derek Black    
Youth Member Emma Ostler    
Youth Member Emma Stevens    
Youth Member Jefferson Jenson    
Youth Member Jakob Durtschi    
Youth Member Kemri Stilson    
Youth Member Kenra Ray    
Youth Member Kody Quarnberg    
Youth Member Kourtney Rasmussen    
Youth Member McKinley Wintch    
Youth Member Samantha Olsen    
Youth Member Sidney Wathen    
Youth Member Taylor Nielson    
Youth Member Tessa Smith    
Youth Member TJ Pogroszewski    
Youth Member Trevor Alder